Your capacity to heal yourself and experience wellbeing, vitality, fulfillment, and abundance far exceeds your current thinking. My work is not simply a series of techniques because we are evolving beyond techniques; it turns conventional thinking on its head and aims at a deeper level of transformation by re-establishing your relationship with your innate wisdom, your core essence.

You are not broken, even if your current experience presents a health challenge such as Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia. You have everything you need to transform your life. When you embrace empowerment and take responsibility for yourself and your creations, you can reconnect and re-align with all of who you can be, your expanded self. When you do this you will see and feel life in a new way, and you will experience health, happiness and a deeper sense of fulfilment. You have the capacity to transform your life.

Latest Articles…

    Where Are You Memories?

    How much time would you say you spend thinking, going over things that have happened, old conversations and situations, or ‘what if-ing’ about future events or circumstances: “What if this happens?” or “What if that doesn’t happens?” “What if she says this, or if he says that?” ”What if I can’t cope? What if I can’t do it? What if I get it wrong? What if they don’t like me? What if I’m not good enough?” Sound familiar? 

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    Is Anxiety Simply Amplified Fear, or is it Actually Something Else?

    Have you noticed most people use the words anxiety and fear to mean the same thing? This is because there are overlaps in the physical sensations that people experience with fear and anxiety -- but does that mean they are the same? 

    Mainstream medicine, psychiatry and psychology often acknowledge a minor difference. They suggest that anxiety is a set of responses to an unknown or ill-defined threat, whereas fear is a set of responses to a precise, well-defined treat. In terms of brain activity, anxiety and fear are reported to be in different parts of the brain but largely end up in the same place. Both involve the amygdala, the hypothalamus and the brain stem. 

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    Cultivating Your Connection With Your Inner Wisdom

    I received this great question in response to one of the videos in my new Conquer Depression series and decided to answer it in a blog post:

    Question: 'Redirect... into being present.' I agree that when I connect with 'core essence' I feel/am alive...utterly alive. Disconnection feels like playing at being 'me.' But! How does one maintain that connection while also engaging in the everyday? 

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    Depression: A Deeper Understanding for a Transformational Experience

    As I prepare to release my new Conquer Depression Program, I’d like to share some insights about this new program through my written blog and video series in the coming weeks. The intention is to share my thinking on the nature of health and wellness and crucially why need a rethink and change of direction if we are to gain mastery of wellbeing. This mastery begins with a deeper understanding of the nature of who we are; so to begin with, let me pose some questions…

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    What REALLY Causes Negative Thinking and What Can You Do About It? Here’s The Answer…

    Do you find that you get caught up in your head -- thinking, churning and ruminating? If the answer is yes and you were to proceed along the generally accepted route for dealing with your negative thinking, you would find yourself challenging and battling your thinking, getting stuck in to change your negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Does this work? In my experience this is a fairly low quality option. Why? Because, it involves more thinking and that generally leaves us feeling worse, and requires a significant amount of energy and practice. So what’s the answer?

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