My mission and passion is to transform lives and maximise potential. As humans we have incredible capacity to create, experience and achieve.  We hold the keys to happiness, success, health and well-being within us and have the ability to make remarkable transformations within our own, as well as other people’s lives. 

As we open up to new potentials and possibilities the opportunity to overcome difficulties, challenges and health problems presents itself. Whether I’m working to facilitate the recovery from a debilitating chronic health problem, or working in a business setting to shift a paradigm and improve performance and maximise potential, I blend innovation with evidence-based practice, and integrate the academic with the intuitive, the scientific with the spiritual.

You can read more a little bit more about me and my background here.  If you are interested in learning more about my approach and my theories you can read about them here.

I am blessed to have worked with hundreds of people over the last 14 years and seen them make remarkable recoveries from debilitating symptoms and conditions; you can read some of their stories here.   

My work has received backing and support for those in mainstream academia and medicine. Read what the professionals are saying here.