Energy-Flow Coaching™

Energy-Flow Coaching is a unique mind-body approach that draws on new scientific theories, traditional and spiritual psychology, and mind-body healing.

The process aligns physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects to create an energetic, vibrational flow.  Creating this energetic flow leads to the cessation of symptoms and the experience of health and vitality.  The process works from the premise that ‘stress’, body discomfort and symptoms arise within the body when there are blockages within the body’s subtle energy fields and grids.  As these blockages impact upon the physical body, symptoms arise and persist.

The Energy-Flow model addresses 3 core levels:

  1. Our environment. As receivers and transmitters of energy, everything we are exposed to within our environment has an energetic impact on us, including people, places, activities and situations. As this energy filters through the energy fields into the body, feelings and emotions are triggered.  If these body sensations go undetected, the energy effects and the functioning of DNA can become blocked in the cells causing a harmful rewiring. 
  2. Interaction with our environment. The way we interact with our environment has an enormous impact on the flow of energy we create and the feelings and emotions we may experience. We create our feeling and emotional experience by the way we behave, the actions and behaviours we exhibit, the words we use and the thoughts that we hold.  Our emotional experience literally unfolds on a moment by moment basis as we interact with the world around us. An enormous amount of our behaviour, as much as 98%, is unconscious and the result of conditioning or programming. The result of this is that we tend to repeat the same patterns over and over and are often unaware as to what we are doing that may be contributing to energetic blockages. Through a process of raising conscious awareness we can begin to attune to internal guidance, intuition and feeling states that offer assistance in moving forward.  
  3. Relationship with self. Moving on from Level 2, our emotional experience is created by the way we interact with our environment, and the way we interact with our environment is affected by the nature of our relationship with ourselves. Arguably the most important element therefore is this relationship with ourselves and our internal flow.  The aim of Level 3 is to move into a new or expanded version of ourselves. The process facilitates the release of old energy templates and the creation new expanded more integrated versions of ourselves. This transformation enables us to create a flow of energy between body, mind and spirit. When energy flows freely health and happiness are experienced. 

Vibrational Repatterning Process

What if every experience, every thought, every feeling, every symptom of disease was merely a vibrational field – a fluid state of consciousness rather than something fixed or set in stone. What if you had the opportunity and ability to ‘tune-into’ other vibrational fields more beneficial to your health and happiness?

At the quantum level, everything comprises waves of possibility in ‘empty’ space. These waves are the building blocks of everything in the known universe. Simple changes in the frequency of vibration can dramatically change the functioning and appearance of everything we know.

Vibrational Repatterning Process assumes that disease and other uncomfortable states of body and mind are vibrational fields that we create and ‘tune-into’ – almost like tuning into a radio station. If we are between radio stations we get incoherence and noise; if we tune into one frequency band and the wrong radio station appears the frequencies are out of sync. As we create and ‘tune-into’ these vibrational fields, both pleasant and unpleasant, we experience the resulting ‘real’ effects in our body and mind. The more frequently we visit these fields the more we develop a connection and attraction to them.

Vibrational Repatterning is a system and process for creating and tuning-into vibrational fields that serve you. Drawing on vibrational energy medicine this is achieved using sound, feeling states, and techniques to align with higher states of consciousness. The result is a rewiring of the body’s subtle energy fields helping you experience more health and wellness, and express more of your individuality and potential.