Are You Sensitive?

sensitivityIf you are, you probably know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, bombarded, overloaded, even confused and lost from time to time. You may feel that you don’t fit in, that you’re different from others and that you sometimes don’t understand life at all. 

In Western culture, sensitivity is seen as a weakness, something to suppress, to anesthetize. Yet isn’t it interesting that if we were talking about a piece of machinery or technology, the notion of sensitivity would be seen in a positive light. A better quality machine is more sensitive because it is more able to detect, to calibrate, so it is more functional and purposeful. 

Other cultures, especially indigenous cultures, don’t view sensitivity in the same way. Sensitivity is seen as a gift, a strength, something that enables a person to improve the world by impacting the lives of others — connecting, nurturing, loving and empowering. 

Sensitivity means that you experience a great deal of emotion; you are connected to your feelings and intuition. However, the tendency can be to judge your emotion and resist and block it as a result. Sensitivity is so often viewed negatively because the value and importance of emotion is poorly understood. Emotion IS what makes us human; it drives everything we think and everything we do. It gives life color, flavor, texture and variety. 

We must understand and embrace our emotion. It is tapping us on the shoulder, reminding us that as we face each moment we must be as authentic as we can – we must connect to our core, to align and flow. 

Your sensitivity is a strength; it’s your strength. When you can allow yourself to see it in that way, you will begin to harness its power and potential. Don’t block it; allow it to flow. You don’t need to protect yourself from the energy of others, you simply need to stand in your truth and radiate your light. Although life can at times seem overwhelming, it’s your resistance to your own emotion and sensitivity that causes enduring pain and discomfort. 

Blocking your emotions and sensitivity by building walls around you often results in stress and discomfort at best, and at worst can develop into symptoms of anxiety and depression. Getting out of these experiences can be difficult without the right knowledge and guidance. It’s easy to get stuck in mind loops that keep you on a journey of mental self-flagellation, disconnected from your emotion and intuition. However, by turning your attention inwards and allowing yourself to connect and flow outwards, you can master your sensitivity and flourish in your life. 

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Warm blessings

*photo courtesy of Leslee Jo Photography

5 thoughts on “Are You Sensitive?

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  2. Lisa Scroggins

    As a child, & to this day, my family of origin has labeled me as too sensitive! It’s definitely viewed negatively. I love your analogy to equipment or machinery. Of course, more sensitive instruments are “better.” It’s a brilliant concept, and I thank you for it.


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