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Self-Esteem Is An inside job

We often think of self-esteem as being caused by circumstance and how we compare with others, or how well we are doing in relation to others. In this video I offer the Energy-Flow perspective on how we can develop our self-esteem by looking inwards and reflecting out rather than the other way around.

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New Podcast: Unleashing Potentials in Training & Life

I am thrilled to announce my new podcast — launching on July 15 — called Unleashing Potentials In Training & Life, and I invite you all to listen. Here’s why: 

Podcasts are a great way to be both educated and entertained. There are truckloads of brilliant shows available covering a massive range of subjects. 

But with all due modesty, none is quite like mine. 

If you’re interested in health and wellness, and like to exercise, work out, play sports and generally keep in shape, you’re going to love this new podcast. My goal in launching it is to uncover and explore the connections between body, brain, emotions, consciousness and metaphysics in strength, fitness, performance and success –- as they relate to fitness and to life in general.  Continue reading

How Do I Know If I’m Healthy?

Do you ever wonder what it really means to be healthy? Do you think you are healthy? Do you follow procedures, protocols, plans and programs to achieve or maintain good health? 

The word ‘health’ comes from an old English word hælþ, which has its origins in old Germanic language and means wholeness, being whole, sound or well. The World Health Organization defines health as: 

“…a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” 

So the experience of health is more than the absence of symptoms. My own definition of health implies adaptability: an experience wherein you not only feel good but also can pretty much eat what you like and engage in whatever activity you feel you want to without experiencing devastating side effects. Continue reading

Beyond Food & Fitness

Are you someone who knows how to take care of yourself? You train, you eat well, you know what you need to do to get healthy and stay healthy. Or maybe you’ve recently decided it’s time to take those steps. You’ve taken up running, Crossfit, boot camp or weight training. You’ve consulted a nutritionist and read the latest articles to learn exactly what to change to have a healthier diet.

Regular exercise and optimal nutrition are important for a healthy life. However, it is worthwhile to think about the core reasons you’re taking these actions and what you hope to achieve. What will better food and fitness do for you? How does the exercise you take and the food you eat really affect you? Continue reading

Guest Blog – Yoga: The Space In Between

As I was running the other day I was listening to a conversation a couple were having nearby. “You should do yoga”, one said, “But for the mental aspect.” I was so happy to hear this! As a fledgling yoga instructor I’m always interested in what brings a person to yoga class. Some people come for the exercise, some for stress relief, and others for an adjunct to other exercise they are doing. Whatever the reason, I hope they will gain so much more from their yoga practice! Continue reading

Stress, Exercise & Depression

According to popular wisdom, exercise is supposed to be a panacea for depression and stress, right? Then how do we explain recent news reports about various elite athletes at the top of their games, winning championships, medals and the adulation of their fans, yet struggling with debilitating depression? In some extreme cases, this has even led tragically to suicide. Continue reading