Why Do I feel So Out of Whack This November?

Without doubt there has felt like an added amplification or intensity to life this month. This has sent many people spiraling as emotions and thoughts run wild. 

For those suffering from a health challenge, symptoms may have increased and it may be difficult to figure out why. 

The first thing to say is that you are not alone. If it feels like life has been turned on its head, allow yourself to roll with it. Don’t resist how you feel but do stay present. There is nothing to solve, you don’t have to figure out or rationalize your feelings at this time, simply feel them and trust yourself – trust your core.  Continue reading

Cultivating Your Connection With Your Inner Wisdom

I received this great question in response to one of the videos in my new Conquer Depression series and decided to answer it in a blog post:

Question: ‘Redirect… into being present.’ I agree that when I connect with ‘core essence’ I feel/am alive…utterly alive. Disconnection feels like playing at being ‘me.’ But! How does one maintain that connection while also engaging in the everyday?  Continue reading

Why Is Your Attention So Important?

What if where you placed your attention – what you look at, think about, talk about, listen to, and interact with – had a massive impact on your experience of life?

As human beings we are both receivers and transmitters of energy. The frequency and vibration we transmit or radiate has a significant impact on our experience of life and what seems to show-up in our lives.  

From our eyes to our hearts we literally send packets of energy out into the quantum soup of life. Continue reading

Can Emotions Trigger Old Traumatic Memories?

One thing that we all have is memories, both good and bad. There is an argument to suggest that everything that ever happens to us is ‘mapped’ onto the cells of our bodies energetically and this serves the purpose of enabling us to learn from things that have happened to us. This seems fairly logical; from an evolutionary perspective we wouldn’t have memories unless they served some useful purpose.  Continue reading

What’s Happening To Me?


We are without doubt living in unusual and fast changing times. All around us there seems to be a different world emerging every day. We are seeing turbulence and change in every aspect of our lives from economic chaos and near collapse, to bizarre anomalies within our weather systems, corruption within governments, breakdowns within relationships and family systems, and hopelessness and confusion on an individual level.

What if the changes that we are witnessing were all connected? What if they form part of a bigger picture of transformation that is affecting every aspect of our lives? There is a growing body of scientists and spiritual thinkers who suggest that these changes are connected to an enormous energetic transformation taking place not just here on planet Earth but throughout the universe.    Continue reading

How Can I Find The Answer?

Q. I always knew that I was more than just my physical body, a daughter, sister, wife etc. It seems that I have been searching and searching all my life to get to who I really am, my true self and my function here and now. To be able to be in joy and love with enthusiasm in all that I do and who I come into contact with. At some points, I think I’m just on the verge of ‘getting it’ and then fall flat. I’ve worked on so many things in many different ways with many different people in many disciplines, and still come away confused and with less clarity than when I started. Some things changed along the way – e.g. when I had cancer it changed my perspective and way of living. As I’m getting older, I am getting more content and calm, but that inner voice (my essence) is pushing me to keep looking … Will I ever get there – or is there no ‘there’?  Continue reading