Cultivating Your Connection With Your Inner Wisdom

I received this great question in response to one of the videos in my new Conquer Depression series and decided to answer it in a blog post:

Question: ‘Redirect… into being present.’ I agree that when I connect with ‘core essence’ I feel/am alive…utterly alive. Disconnection feels like playing at being ‘me.’ But! How does one maintain that connection while also engaging in the everyday? 

Answer: We are never truly disconnected from our ‘core essence,’ even though we have days when we feel off-kilter, our mood is low and things seem to go wrong. Our natural state is to be connected to our core; we don’t have to work at it. We simply need to allow ourselves to be present, trusting that we will be guided by our internal wisdom if we stay present.

It is inevitable that we will experience times when it feels as if our vibration has dropped, when we feel off balance and don’t feel like ourselves. But this does not need to be perceived as a problem, rather it can be valued as part of your experience of life. What prolongs this experience is shifting our energy and attention into our head, assuming there is a problem that needs to be solved. When we avoid getting pulled into analytical ‘head-mode,’ we will naturally drift back into a feeling of connection, because we were never really disconnected to begin with.

When we get in our heads we tend to become embroiled in excessive mental chatter; jumping between past and future, ruminating, resisting life and the resulting emotions. We seek to rationalize and analyze, believing this to be the only way out of the discomfort we feel. This is often exacerbated by the presence of emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, frustration and the like, because these emotions fuel more thinking.

However, we never have to escape how we feel, and being connected doesn’t mean we always have to feel good. There are many who think that being connected means transcending emotion – essentially feeling blissful all the time. I tend to disagree with this. I believe we can be guided by our core essence and feel all our emotions without having to escape, judge or seek meaning in them. All our emotions are feedback mechanisms; they are designed to guide us back to ourselves, to encourage us to act in alignment with who we are in that moment. A prolonged negative emotion suggests that we are not being true to ourselves. When this happens, we simply want to direct our attention to our feelings and allow ourselves to be guided by them.

So the key is to accept how we feel, trust that we are connected and will return to feeling good — a higher vibrational state — without needing any intervention from our chattering-head.

I hope this helps.


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