Depression: A Deeper Understanding for a Transformational Experience

As I prepare to release my new Conquer Depression Program, I’d like to share some insights about this new program through my written blog and video series in the coming weeks. The intention is to share my thinking on the nature of health and wellness and crucially why need a rethink and change of direction if we are to gain mastery of wellbeing. This mastery begins with a deeper understanding of the nature of who we are; so to begin with, let me pose some questions…

Have you ever wondered who you really are, why you are here, what, if any purpose there is to your life? And has it occurred to you that addressing these questions might have a profound impact on your health and your ability to find fulfilment in life and realise your potentials?

These are some of the fundamental questions that modern day life doesn’t really seem to address, almost as if they aren’t really important and have no real relevance. Yet in truth we need answers to these questions if we are to have a different experience of life that takes us beyond the monotonous yet exhausting treadmill that many of us find ourselves on.

For many people life seems tough; you do what you have to do to get by. Feeling happy and energised with vitality, good health and a clear sense of who you are and where you are going in life seem to be luxuries that we experience as fleeting glimpses through the haze of discomfort. But what if you knew that your default ‘factory setting’ is to be happy, healthy and flowing? When we look at young children we can see how they radiate, how they are in the moment, playful, free and energised. This is an example of what I call an ‘Energy Flow-State’, an experience of being fully aligned in body, mind and spirit. In this state everything seems to flow, not an externally created flow, rather a flow we create ourselves.

When we are experiencing our Energy Flow-State we are connected and aligned, it is not a state of perennial bliss, it is an experience of effortless flow. Our minds are clear, our decision making is good, we experience emotional stability, we are on top of our game, we trust ourselves and good things just seem to happen as life flows with effortless ease. When we become disconnected from this flow we feel uncomfortable and off-kilter, life is an uphill struggle at best and at worst we experience health problems such as depression or unexplained fatigue and pain. Our emotions seem unstable, our luck seems to have run out as bad things just seem to happen, and our minds are cluttered, running rampant with excessive negative and critical thinking that we can’t seem to stop.

When health is compromised and symptoms of depression or unexplained fatigue or pain are experienced, it can seem like there is no flow-state, it can seem like there is no escape from a life that is throwing punches at us so quickly that we can’t get out of the way. So what do we do, we can’t control life, can we? No we can’t, but we don’t need to, and believing that life is the cause of our problems only serves to exacerbate those problems. So what is the answer? To being with we need to open up to the notion that we are not broken and we don’t need to look outside of ourselves in order to achieve health, vitality and fulfilment. Underneath the mental clutter, underneath the discomfort lies our default, our factory setting of connected flow. When we can understand how to get out of the way we begin to connect to this flow we experience all of who we are and life will begin to flow with effortless ease and the pain of suffering desists.

My new Conquer Depression Program goes beyond a conventional model of trying to change thinking patterns because to really experience lasting health and fulfilment in life we need to understand who we are and how we work. This is not difficult because as I keep saying, it lies within us, there is not huge amounts of work that need to be done, we simply need to understand how to reconnect.

So if you have experienced depression, or if you feel stuck, confused or want more fulfilment in life check out Conquer Depression Video Series here, it will give you some advice, guidance and tips and give you an insight into the Conquer Depression Program. And remember, you have the capacity to transform your own life!


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