E25 Understanding Motivation with Dr Bobby Hoffman

Bobby Hoffman


Have you ever considered that you might not be as in touch with your own motivations as you think?

Have you considered that when interpreting other peoples motives and reasons from their behaviour you may well be getting it wrong more often than getting it right?

In this episode Dr Bobby Hoffman and I discuss the nature of motivation with a focus on developing our awareness and understanding of our own motivations, as well as those of other people.

Having had experience of unpicking the motivational strategies of elite performers, Bobby gives us an insight into what it is that highly successful people do to attain high levels of performance.


Dr. Bobby Hoffman is a Professor and Author of the #1 new book release in Cognitive Psychology on Amazon, Motivation for Learning & Performance.  A New Yorker in spirit, Dr. Bob is an Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida (UCF), now calling Orlando, Florida home. A 2006 graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) with a PhD in Educational Psychology. Bobby joined UCF in August 2006 after a 20-year career in human resources management and performance consulting working with the world’s most successful global companies including GE, NBC, KPMG, and the National Basketball Association (NBA). Currently, Hoffman teaches a variety of classes at the graduate level in motivation, learning, cognition, and intelligence.

Hoffman has numerous scholarly publications in leading scientific journals in the field of educational psychology. Additionally, Bobby has authored over thirty publications in the field of management and organizational development related to his previous consulting practice. In 2016 Hoffman will serve as Motivation and Cognition section chair for Division C of the American Educational Research Association, the world’s largest educational research organization. Hoffman was program co-chair in 2011 for Division 15 of the American Psychological Association and serves on several journal editorial boards including Contemporary Educational Psychology, Educational Psychology Review, and Educational Technology, Research and Development.

For more information on Dr. Hoffman and his work access his website or Google Scholar .

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