E26 Body Intelligence With Dr Beverly Crane

Beverly Crane


In this thoughtful and fascinating discussion with Dr Beverly Crane, we dig deep into….
  • The nature of body intelligence, how to attune to it and communicate with it
  • The meaning and symbolism of body symptoms, how to interpret them from the perspective of body intelligence
  • loving oneself – what does it mean, how do we do it, and what are the barriers and patterns that prevent us from loving ourselves
  • the connection between empowerment, authenticity and body intelligence
  • the role we play in the creation of our experience


Beverly has a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies with post-graduate work in Ethno-psychiatry and Psychosynthesis.  She is an ordained non-denominational minister specializing in counseling, she has worked in research at Harvard University and has forty years of teaching experience in both Europe and the US, including Emory University, University of Texas at Dallas and the University of Wisconsin.  As a clinician in private practice, Dr Crane helps clients solve their own problems and expand their horizons by discovering new possibilities through energy awareness and mastery.

You can catch up with Beverly’s top quality blog posts and find out more about how she could help you by clicking here.

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