E27 Conscious Parenting with Leslee Beckvonpeccoz



Being a parent in today’s world seems an incredibly difficult task fraught with obstacles and curve balls. In a rapidly changing world we are raising children that are different and that requires a different parenting approach. In this interview, Health Coach Leslee Beckvonpeccoz and I discuss how and why children are different and how we can facilitate their healthy development through applying some basic principles of Conscious Parenting.


Leslee Beckvonpeccoz is an emotional intuitive, energy teacher, mother of three Indigos, photographer, animal lover, and artist. Her greatest passions are raising her three indigo children and learning from them every day, and her intuitive life coaching work. She pulls together her knowledge, intuitive skills, and understanding of energies and patterns, and uses all in her own unique approach to her life coaching work. She can be reached at lesleebvp@gmail.com.

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