Episode 17: James Fell Talks The Return On Investment (ROI) Of Getting In Shape

Kyle fell

James S. Fell authors the syndicated column In-Your-Face Fitness for the Chicago Tribune, which runs in many major U.S. newspapers. He also does celebrity fitness interviews for the Los Angeles Times, authors the column Strategic Fitness for AskMen, and is senior fitness columnist for Chatelaine. In 2012 Huffington Post named him one of the Top 20 Fitness Experts to Follow on Twitter.

A former fat guy, Fell is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with an MBA. He uses his years of business experience to bring a big-picture, strategic planning approach to getting in shape.

A family guy, Fell is married to a brilliant, beautiful and tolerant woman. Appropriately, he named his personal website http://www.BodyForWife.com.


  • Cultivating passion in exercise and health
  • Shifting focus and mental patterns
  • Self-efficacy theory – developing confidence and competence in a specific task
  • Developing positive reinforcement
  • A perspective on the personal training industry
  • The value of being self-directed and self-corrected
  • How to become a runner
  • Developing motivation for exercise
  • Tips on sticking with an exercise program
  • The return on investment of getting in shape
  • The difference between passion and obsession

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