Episode 19: Exercise & Chronic Fatigue with Alan Goodwin

Alan Goodwin2


Personal Trainer, Alan Goodwin talks about how his life was devastated with anxiety, depression and then chronic fatigue syndrome. Despite still experiencing occasional symptoms, he runs a successful personal training and development business in Scotland.
Alan shares with us the key pieces that helped him regain his health, and he talks about how this enhances his personal training work with clients.


Despite suffering from CFS/ME since he was a teenager, Alan took an unorthodox approach to health in order to regain sovereignty over his wellbeing.

Now in his mid thirties, he runs a fitness boot camp, empowering groups and individual clients through the combination of physical exercise drills and confidence building techniques.

Alan is a trained therapist and has a number of years experience in the fitness industry. He has a list of professional and national qualifications including health referral exercise, personal trainer and group exercise instructor.

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