Episode 20: Pattern Of Health with Dr Fred Navarro

Dr Fred Navarro is a researcher in the field of health psychology. His primary area of research and application links the Patterns of Adapting to Health (PATH) to differences in individual and population health, reduced medical service demand, and prediction of medical expenditures. Fred has conducted extensive longitudinal research and more than 250,000 adult interviews which have have validated the link between physical fitness, nutritional fitness, affective disorder risk, diabetes Type II, arthritis, back pain, overweight/obesity, heart disease, and some cancers as adults increasingly emulate these patterns of adapting with greater acuteness.

Fred’s book, Pattern of Adapting To Health or PATHTM for short, is invaluable to understanding your own health related behaviours. Once you know which PATH is yours, you can more easily see which behaviors are easiest or most difficult to change. It’s also a priceless tool that gives healthcare practitioners critical insight into their patients, to help them talk to patients in ways that will resonate and most likely spur change.

PATH gives you everything you need to assess yourself and find your innate patterns.
You’ll also learn how your pattern can change as you age. And you’ll find out how you can alter your PATH, to adjust your behavior toward a PATH with better heath outcomes.

PATH explores behaviours such as:
  • Avoiding or seeking vigorous exercise 
  • Avoiding or seeking nutritional information
  • Involvement in family health
  • Health information seeking
  • Openness to alternative versus tradition medicine
  • Health risk factors for each pattern
  • Projected health costs expected for each pattern

You can find Dr Navarro’s book here Pattern Of Health, and you can find him on Twitter

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