Episode 22: Alex Navarro On Understanding Your Body’s Communication


Alex Navarro is a nationally-renowned personal trainer, fitness competitor, and nutrition programmer utilizing The Carb Nite Solution® and Carb Back-loading™ protocols. She has helped hundreds of clients—and thousands more online—reach their fitness goals through a combination of workout programming, nutritional planning, and food science education.

Alex is a WBFF Pro Bikini Diva and a former Ms. Natural Fitness Olympia. She has been active in the fitness competition scene since 2007.


Great discussion with Alex, covering:

  • stress and it’s physical manifestations, including Alex’s personal experiences

  • how to know when you are stressed

  • learning to understand the messages from your body

  • when to exercise and when not to exercise when stressed

For more information about Alex, you can find her at body.io and Fit Living Foodies

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