Fatigue & Pain Recovery Program Audio


You can download the full pdf manual by clicking this link Pain & Fatigue Recovery Manual.  If you left click on the link the manual will open in your window.  Alternatively you can save the manual to your hard drive by right clicking and selecting ‘Save Link As…’, or ‘Save Target As…’.

You can listen to the Audio tracks online using the media player below (or selecting a section above). Alternatively, you can download a zipped file containing all the audio mp3s to your hard drive to play on your iPod or MP3 player. Right click on this link Pain & Fatigue Recovery MP3s and select ‘Save As…’ or ‘Save Target As…’.  If you have a MacBook the zipped file will download with a single click on your trackpad. 


Please remember to follow the manual and the audios in sequence, they are here to assist you at key points during the programme.  If you find there are Steps that are not particularly relevant to you then move on.  You can dip in and out of the programme and use the tools for targeting specific areas in your life for quick change, or you can move through the programme in a step by step fashion to build deep and lasting change.

This is an extremely comprehensive programme and I strongly encourage you to spend as much time as you need on each Step – some of the instructions may appear simple at first glance, however, the tools and techniques are extremely powerful when implemented fully.  I also strongly encourage repeated practice for most of the tools and techniques; like all things, mastery comes through repeated practice and application. This programme will change your life when done properly.

Enjoy the journey!

Phase 1: How To Take Charge of Your Life

Phase 2: Health, Vitality & Overcoming Health Challenges

Phase 3: Maximising Potentials & Moving into Higher Vibrational States