Why Do I feel So Out of Whack This November?

Without doubt there has felt like an added amplification or intensity to life this month. This has sent many people spiraling as emotions and thoughts run wild. 

For those suffering from a health challenge, symptoms may have increased and it may be difficult to figure out why. 

The first thing to say is that you are not alone. If it feels like life has been turned on its head, allow yourself to roll with it. Don’t resist how you feel but do stay present. There is nothing to solve, you don’t have to figure out or rationalize your feelings at this time, simply feel them and trust yourself – trust your core. 

It can be easy to slip into self-loathing and resistance – resisting life outside you and resisting how you feel inside. Make no mistake, life can appear tough, even brutal at times. However, we are all in this together, and each and every one of you makes a difference. What you do and how you feel impacts upon the collective energy and therefore the collective experience. 

Love each other and love yourselves. Take time for yourself and reflect on those things in your life you feel grateful for. 

Loving yourself can often seem like one of those new-agey ideas that isn’t tangible enough to understand or do anything about. However, there are practical steps you can take to honor and respect yourself. Stay true to yourself, don’t question your feelings, act in alignment with them. Don’t fit in or go along, even though this month it may seem like there are additional self-doubts creeping into your experience. 

These are challenges that you can overcome. Don’t get caught up thinking about how you feel. Know that the doubts are not real: you can go beyond them, your internal guidance is there, let yourself feel it. 

A final very simple yet powerful exercise is to write down five things about yourself that are special, things that others would suggest are your gifts, your strengths. If you have sticky post-it notes, use them. When you have your five items, stick this next to your computer screen and allow yourself to glance at the list now and then during your day. Don’t think about it, simply place your attention on the list. If you are alone, you may want to say the items aloud. If not, just look and breathe it in. 

Sending you all many warm blessings,


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