Conquer Depression Video Series

We need a new paradigm for effectively dealing with conditions that have historically been seen as ‘mental health problems’. A paradigm that goes beyond treating symptoms with pills or challenging cognitions through thinking better thoughts. The route back to health lies within us. By understanding the true nature of emotion and knowing how to reconnect to the innate wisdom within us, we have the capacity to align, to flow and to experience health and happiness as a result. Here’s my FREE video series offering some insights.

Video 1: A New Way of Understanding Depression

Video 2: The Steps To Recovery From Depression

Video 3: The True Nature of Emotion

Video 4: Cultivating Your Connection With Your Inner Wisdom

Video 5: Learning To Feel Good About You! 

Video 6: Understanding Your Human Needs (Part 1)

Video 7: Understanding Your Human Needs (Part 2)

Video 8: Practical Creation…How We Create Our Life Experience

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