How Do I Know If I’m Healthy?

Do you ever wonder what it really means to be healthy? Do you think you are healthy? Do you follow procedures, protocols, plans and programs to achieve or maintain good health? 

The word ‘health’ comes from an old English word hælþ, which has its origins in old Germanic language and means wholeness, being whole, sound or well. The World Health Organization defines health as: 

“…a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” 

So the experience of health is more than the absence of symptoms. My own definition of health implies adaptability: an experience wherein you not only feel good but also can pretty much eat what you like and engage in whatever activity you feel you want to without experiencing devastating side effects. 

If you have to maintain a strict diet in order to avoid symptoms or bodily discomfort, then you’re probably not as healthy as you could be. If you have to restrict your exercise or activity to prevent negative consequences, then your body is not functioning at an optimal level. 

Unless you have regular physical and psychological examinations, it is difficult to truly know how healthy you are. I find it interesting that despite having highly complex brains that are able to regulate the goings on within our bodies, one thing they don’t do is tell us that something is wrong until it’s too late, until symptoms present themselves. Don’t get me wrong, symptoms are clearly useful and purposeful, but in many instances, they occur after the damage is done.  

With that in mind the best approach to attaining and maintaining optimum health and wellness is to ensure the foundation is in place for your body to function at its highest possible capability. Despite our brain’s shortcomings in disseminating up to date health information to our conscious mind, there is an innate wisdom within us that can help and guide us toward health, wellness and happiness. Our challenge is to clear all the junk out of the way that prevents us from tapping into this innate wisdom. 

Our natural state is to be healthy and happy. When we are tuned-in, connected and flowing, we experience these states of happiness and wellbeing. When we are imbalanced or blocked, our states of body and mind shift to those of disease and dissatisfaction. 

What prevents us from experiencing health and happiness more than many people currently do? When we are out of touch with our innate wisdom, the primary reason is that we simply get in our own way: overcomplicating life, over analyzing, and losing touch with how we feel while attaching our identity to societal norms and what others think. 

So what’s the lesson? I’d like to ask you to entertain the notion that laying the foundation for better health, wellness and improved performance can emerge as a result of doing less, not more, by attuning to your body and allowing yourself to be guided by your innate wisdom. Step away from the mental clutter that can weigh you down and take you in directions that are not in alignment with who you really are and what you really want. Underneath all the noise there is a beautiful simplicity to life that is waiting to serve you. 

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