Episode 10: Going Beyond Diet and Fitness with Evan Brand

Kyle brand


Evan Brand is a Researcher, Author and Host behind the Not Just Paleo. Evan studied Business and Communications at the University of Louisville, and went on to spend a year in the Geoscience program at Indiana University learning about society’s integration with nature.

Evan has authored the book Rem Rehab looking at the importance of appropriate sleep and it’s impact on health and wellness.

You can find out more about Evan on his website Not Just Paleo, he’s on Facebook and Twitter


Great discussion with Evan where we talked about…

  • his journey though depression and out the other side
  • the impact of work and living environments on mind, emotions, health and wellness
  • sleep, circadian rhythms and melatonin, and the impact on stress and wellbeing
  • getting in tune with your body
  • strategies for overcoming stress
  • dealing with performance anxiety, and 
  • understanding the importance of looking after yourself and eliminating with unwanted negative influences 

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