Episode 11: Quentin Vennie on Living With Addiction

Kyle vennie

Quentin Vennie is a writer, speaker, wellness coach and yoga guide based out of New York City. He utilize’s his experience in personal training, yoga and juicing to influence and transform lives. His philosophy is to address the obstacles occurring inside the body, allowing the external changes to occur as a direct result. His aim is to continue transforming lives across the world, proving that it’s never too late to become a better version of yourself.  

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In this fascinating and deeply personal interview, Quentin talks about the impact of growing up in a family environment blighted by heroin addiction. He reveals the inspirations that enabled him to break away from an all too familiar path of drugs and crime, only to find himself affected by anxiety, depression and addicted to prescription medication. His journey led him to question the conventional ‘one size fits all’ model of conventional healthcare practices, and discover the importance of following his own internal guidance in order to beat addiction and effectively manage his anxiety and depression. As a health coach, Quentin calls on his life experiences, training and his own philosophy to encourage clients to walk their own path to health and wellness. 

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