Episode 7: Armi Legge Talks Dedication, Obsession, Training & Anorexia

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Armi Legge is the founder and editor of EvidenceMag.com, a website that uses the latest scientific evidence to help you simplify your health, fitness, and productivity.

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In this brutally open and honest interview, former endurance athlete and EvidenceMag.com founder, Armi Legge lifts the lid on his difficult experiences with anorexia nervosa and anxiety.   Armi shares his views and perspectives on managing obsessive tendencies both in training and work, and how effectively channeling dedication can facilitate optimum performance.  

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One thought on “Episode 7: Armi Legge Talks Dedication, Obsession, Training & Anorexia

  1. Kathy

    Armi Legge’s interview was inspiring for me; what an enterprising young person, turning his experience with such an insidious e.d. Into a core reason to help others through his work!
    As a long time experiencer of this condition, I am hopeful the future is in good hands


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