Episode 8: ESPN’s Dave Stevens Talks Motivation & Inspiration in Sport & Life

Kyle stevens


Dave Stevens is an athlete and a 7 time Emmy Award winning sports broadcasting professional with ESPN. As a congenital amputee, Dave is the only athlete ever to play college football or minor league baseball without legs. He is a father of three boys and a motivational speaker.

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Finding inspiration and motivation for training, as well as achieving satisfaction and fulfillment in life can at times seem extremely difficult. The tendency to negatively compare ourselves with others and mentally self-flagellate can dominate our consciousness resulting in plateaus, low mood and stress. In this interview, ESPN’s Dave Stevens share’s his inspirational story of overcoming the disadvantage of being a congenital amuptee, battling drug addiction and finding success in his sporting and media careers and in his personal life. If you are looking for a lift, listen to this interview. 

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