Episode 9: Performance Therapist Ari Gronich on Getting Beyond Your Peak, Recovering From Injury & Balancing Your Brain Chemistry

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Ari Gronich “The Performance Therapist”  has worked with Olympic, Paralympic, professional, and amateur athletes for almost 20 years. He has over 25,000 hours of hands on work and 5000 plus hours of training and internship.  Through the years Ari has developed a unique methodology, ARI Sports Therapy, by selecting and combining techniques from a number of disciplines including:  the USSR Sports Federation, martial arts, gymnastics, various body work methods, sports therapy, personal training, performance enhancement, corrective exercise, and kinesiology.  He approaches each athlete as a unique set of challenges:  cartilage, tendons, joints, muscles, bone, lungs, heart, and brain that must all work together and be in balance to maximize immediate and long-term performance.

For more details about Ari, you can visit his website, or check him out on Facebook and Twitter.


My discussion with Ari covered a variety of different areas including:

  • Being a performance therapist to elite athletes
  • Getting beyond peak performance
  • Recovery from injury and why people get injured
  • visualisation techniques for improved performance at the gym/ training and in competition
  • Balancing brain chemistry naturally
  • Ari’s body-mind system reboot, and
  • The role of intention in recovery and performance

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