Episode 2: Kiefer on Emotion, Stress, Relationships, Training and Performance

Kyle kiefer


John Kiefer originally trained as a physicist then worked as a software engineer before turning his analytical mind to the areas of health, fitness, exercise and nutrition.  He has gained a reputation for his rigorous academic approach to health and nutrition, and as a result he has become a highly sought after speaker, radio and podcast guest.

He is the author of Carb Backloading and The Carb Nite Solution.  He has created a software program called The Shockwave Protocol 1.4 and is working on a range of nutritional supplements.  For more details about these and he other activities check out Athlete.io and Body.io, as well as on his excellent podcast.  He’s on Twitter here. 


This is a must listen episode for Kiefer fans.  We see a different side to Kiefer as we investigate the significant impact of emotion on performance both in and out of the gym, and the effect on health and wellbeing.  

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