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Working with Kyle is a truly unique and unlike any other experience of therapy or coaching you have had in the past.

Based on Kyle’s Energy-Flow Coaching™ model, the process will lead you on a journey of discovery, offering you an opportunity to transform, unleash and experience all of who you can be, as you move beyond health challenges and other limitations.

Whether you suffer from chronic fatigue or pain, anxiety, depression, or even autoimmune conditions, or maybe you feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed and confused, sessions will help you understand the nature of what you are experiencing and why. Crucially, you will learn how to facilitate your innate self-healing capacities. We achieve these aims by reconnecting with the deeper wisdom within you; your true self, the life force that runs through you. Chronic symptoms are a tap on the shoulder from your intelligent body trying to get your attention.

With the development of understanding and awareness, the implementation of simple principles and the use of guided feeling exercises, sessions will guide you beyond symptoms and blockages, inviting you to open and experience a new expanded version of you. Letting go of old ideas of identity that are holding you back, removing the barriers and layers of conditioning that have prevented you from being the full expression of yourself.  With a focus on developing heightened awareness and expanded consciousness, sessions align body, mind, and spirit empowering you to identify and action your passions and purposes.

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