The Intelligent Body Workshop: Washington DC, April 1st & 2nd, 2017

When faced with a new opportunity that takes you into the unknown there are going to be lots of questions running through your mind. You may think that a group environment could be overwhelming; however, we know and recognize the big step you are taking, so our aim is to make the whole experience as informal and comfortable as possible. Our complete focus is on supporting you from your current experience of symptoms and a restricted lifestyle towards optimal health, peace of mind and personal freedom. When you begin this journey with us, our intention is to support you right to the end.

The early bird cost of The Intelligent Body Workshop is $247 and this includes unlimited email follow-up support plus membership of the private Facebook group. You are not taking this journey alone, you will be supported by our community. In the Facebook group I post videos and other useful hints and tips to help you implement the principles and practices that you learn in the workshop. You will also receive a FREE signed copy of the book The Intelligent Body.

This is a small group setting so places are limited. You will be guided on this experiential journey in a safe and supportive environment. Limiting the numbers gives us the opportunity to work with you individually over the 2 days, as well as the group.

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