Breaking Free From Stress


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Stress is something of a buzzword in today’s society, but what does it really mean ad what role does it play in our lives? Mainstream academic science suggests that ‘stress’ is possibly the most significant factor in health conditions ranging from heart disease to cancer, so getting a firm grip on ‘stress’ seems to be vital. However, much of the ‘de-stress’ industry applies the same treat the symptoms approach adopted by modern medicine, without really unpicking the true nature of stress, what it is and how to reduce it at it’s source.In this program you will learn:

  • A simple and straightforward model of ‘stress’ and how it affects you body and brain
  • How to identify causes, sources ad triggers of ‘stress’ – which is not always as straightforward as it sounds as your body can be in a state of ‘stress’ without you being aware of it
  • Some practical tools to deal with the cause of ‘stress’ that go beyond merely dealing with the after effects of ‘stress’
  • A new way to look at yourself and life that will shift your ‘stress’ experience completely

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