Emotions & Disease


A fresh Perspective on the Nature of Disease and How to Achieve Health and Vitality.
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Do you worry about your health?

Do you experience symptoms your doctor can’t really explain or cure?

Despite the exponential increase in our knowledge of disease, more people are developing symptoms and combinations of symptoms that conventional medicine has not been able to treat successfully.  Rapid advances in technology over the past century have placed the focus of conventional physicians and scientists towards the development and prescribing of drugs that are aimed at masking symptoms, blocking receptor sites, stimulating or suppressing the immune system and killing microscopic organisms. However, although pharmaceutical drugs can be life-saving in situations of imminent grave danger,  the actions of covering, blocking and suppressing are, in a very significant number of cases, just ‘shooting the messenger’ and not addressing the true underlying cause of the symptoms.

We are witnessing an epidemic of medically unexplained symptoms and syndromes including pain, weakness, chronic fatigue, insomnia, bowel complaints, depression and anxiety.  However, despite the fact that there are more medical treatments than ever before in history, more people are experiencing these health challenges.  What if you knew the CAUSE of these symptoms and how to solve them; how valuable would that be to you?

Imagine there was some straightforward information with accompanying tools and formulas that could dramatically upgrade your life experience and boost your health and vitality.  What impact would that have on your everyday life?

This program will…

  • Give you a fresh perspective on the nature of illness and disease
  • Give you the latest scientific breakthroughs that affect the way we can prevent and deal with health problems
  • Give you simple techniques and tools to help master your health and prevent future health challenges
  • Teach you how to view and interpret symptoms and disease in a new empowering way

Program Content


  • Emotional Energy
  • Core Emotions
  • Mind Emotions
  • Surface Level and Deep Level Emotions
  • Intuition
  • The Energy Bodies
  • Why Are We Witnessing a Health Crisis?


  • Symptoms are Solutions
  • Symptoms Tell Us About Now!
  • The Defensive Play
  • The Offensive Play
  • Acceptance & Resistance
  • Acting on Emotions
  • Processing Fear, Anger & Guilt
  • Fluid States – Shifting Deep-Level Emotions

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