New Paradigm Anxiety Elimination


New Paradigm Anxiety Elimination is the leading edge membership program for anxiety recovery. When you implement the program you will recover from anxiety for good. Support is on-hand to guide you through the process and support you every step of the way (cost approx $147)

When you join and become a member you will receive a FREE copy of the online program Overcoming Fear and a FREE copy of the Effective Emotional Communication Program – these will be available in your members portal.

You will also be invited to attend FREE periodic live webinars where I address questions, concerns, offer tips hints and insights to facilitate your full recovery from anxiety

Combining established theory with new scientific advances and understandings the Program walks you through a comprehensive process that will help completely eradicate your anxiety by teaching you how to take charge of your own help and happiness.

Each session within the members area offers a mix of theory and practical exercises, gently guiding you back to wellness.

The 4 modules are:

  1. Foundation: module 1 offers insights into the nature of anxiety and how to build a solid foundation for recovery
  2. The True Nature of Emotion: module 1 teaches you a fresh perspective on emotion and how blocked and imbalanced emotion leads to symptoms. You will learn how to reconnect with your physical and emotion self, tune-into your emotions and create an Energy Flow-State
  3. Wearing a Mask: deviations from our true nature block our energy and emotion, this module teaches you how to cut through old unconscious patterns and tap into the deeper wisdom and identity that is the real you
  4. Control & Creation: Removing the blockages that are keeping you trapped and restricted, while teaching you fundamentals of how to take charge of creating your experience.

FREE live webinars and continued email support will help you effectively implement the program. My aim is to have you anxiety free and experiencing all of who you can be!