Overcoming Fear


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Do you feel that your life is blighted with fear? Are you shackled, prevented from experiencing true freedom and fulfilling your potentials?

How would your life be different if you really understood the true nature of fear and knew how to really move beyond unnecessary fear?

Fear is the most powerful of the ‘negative’ or low vibrational emotions. It affects our decisions, choices and directions. Fear can manifest as anger and aggressive behaviour and keep us locked in dysfunctional patterns of thinking and behaving.

Fear can have a disruptive and constrictive impact on our cognition, outlook and perceptions; and, when left unchecked, it can dominate our lives. Fears can work under the surface, outside of our conscious awareness. They can manipulate our decision-making and lead us down a path towards continually seeking safety through avoidance. We can get into patterns where we give into fear without even looking it in the eye and acknowledging its presence and influence.

In this program I’ll give you a new way of looking at and understanding fear. I’ll reveal important new insights that will help you move above and beyond fear to a space where you will experience greater self-trust and confidence.

Program Content

  • Fear – The Ghost in Our Machine
  • Surface and Deep Level Fear
  • The Answer
  • Putting Worry Behind You
  • Tricks of the Mind
  • Releasing
  • Fluid States – Shifting Deep-Level Emotions
  • Amplifying Your Higher Vibrational State

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