Setting Boundaries


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Do you find that people take advantage of you, treat you unfairly, make you feel guilty, or burden you in some way?  Do you find it hard to do anything about it?  Do you sometimes find it hard to know where you end and other people begin – knowing what’s really you and what you have taken on from others?  Or maybe you find that you are drained by people and don’t really know why?

The conventional idea about setting boundaries is that is all about standing-up for yourself, being assertive.  While these notions of standing-up for yourself are valid and useful, the Energy-Flow model expands on this to address issues of self-definition and the energetic nature of relationships.

The Program Covers:

  • What exactly are boundaries and what role do they play in our health and wellbeing
  • Why our boundaries get crossed – how does it happen, and why is it often seemingly beyond our awareness or control
  • How to set and maintain healthy boundaries

You will be amazed at how implementing some straightforward knowledge and information can make such a significant transformation in your well-being and in your relationships.

Program Content

  • The Role of Feelings
  • Learning to Feel
  • What Are Boundaries
  • Why Do My Boundaries Get Crossed
  • How To Set Boundaries
  • True Empowerment: Beyond The Victim Space
  • Breaking the Rescuer-Helper Cycle
  • Energy Bonds – The Invisible Connections
  • Dissolving Energy Bonds

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