Soul Confidence


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What is self-confidence, and what is the experience of having confidence? In human terms, confidence is seen as your perceived ability to fulfil particular tasks, your level of self-assuredness, and sense of power. It often links to your social network, the sorts of activities that you are involved in, and critically the kind of feedback that you hear about yourself from other people.

The all-too-common experience of a lack of self-confidence relates to a limited or restricted of belief in oneself and ones abilities, and fear. These are most significantly influenced, both directly and indirectly, by feedback from others, i.e. a lack of positive feedback and reinforcement, and a comparison with others. Lack of self-confidence can seem crippling and is often seen as the reason preventing you from moving forward in your life.

So, what is soul-confidence, how does it different from self-confidence? Why is it important to develop soul-confidence and how is it of value to us in our everyday lives?

In this program you will learn:

  • What is soul-confidence and how it differs from what we think of as self-confidence
  • The role of comparison and duality in soul and self-confidence
  • How to realign with YOU in order to unleash your true soul-confidence
  • The relationship between soul-confidence, creation and manifestation
  • How changing your soul-confidence will have a ripple effect throughout your life
  • How soul-confidence levels affects everything from decision making to health
  • How to let go of your concept of identity as created by your mind, and move to a new concept of an expanded soul-identity

You will find this program useful if…

  • You are tired of trying to artificially pump-up your self-confidence through driving yourself forward and comparing yourself with others and other mentally based techniques.
  • You a different perspective of yourself and the ability to change patterns that have limited you.

Program Content

  • Who Are We?
  • Soul-Self
  • Soul: The Quantum Perspective
  • Soul Feelings (Intuition & Inner Knowing)
  • Everything You Feel is OK
  • Moving Beyond Duality in Everyday Life
  • The Expanded Self
  • Aligning with the Energy Cord… Learning to Trust Your Inner Guidance
  • Developing Soul Trust  

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